Adaptive Middleware for a Mobile Internet Robot Laboratory


The rapid evolution of the Internet has brought developments that were previously reserved mostly to science fiction. Among these, today anyone anywhere in the world can fulfill such not long ago far away dreams as to interact with robots on remote areas. With the introduction of Internet2 and the availability of inexpensive public wireless networks, autonomous mobile robots can now take advantage of almost unlimited distributed computational resources, high bandwidth and extended mobility. In such spirit, we hereby propose a US-Mexico joint collaboration that will advance science and education by developing an adaptive middleware architecture providing access to remote autonomous robotic systems through a "grid" of distributed fixed and mobile computational resources on the Web. This architecture will support single and multiple robot groups, with tasks ranging from simple navigation to biologically inspired behavior arising from neural network structure. This research effort is tied together by a collection of software tools including: NSL, a neural simulation language; ASL, an abstract schema language; a schema-based simulation and robot implementation environment.

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    Distributed Systems Middleware Group, UCI
                 CANNES Research Laboratory for Brain Simulation, ITAM

                     Mobile Robot Laboratory, UNAM